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1.Why do we need silicon and germanium materials?

    Material is a milestone in the history of human evolution, an important pillar of modern civilization, the foundation and development of high-tech leader.In all materials, we can not fail to mention plunging us into the information age is now the first hero - semiconductor materials.Silicon and germanium is a major semiconductor materials, including silicon is accounted for more than 90% of the share of semiconductor materials,Both in the metallurgical, chemical, energy, military, aerospace and other fields have a wide range of uses.For example, Silicon metal is widely used in iron and steel, aluminum, organic chemical industry, Polysilicon used in solar photovoltaic industry, Monocrystalline silicon used in IC industry, Germanium dioxide used in the catalyst, Germanium crystal solar cells used in satellites, Germanium as a night-vision lens used in fighter, We need to silicon and germanium materials.

2.What we can provide products and services for you?

    We can provide you with metallurgical grade silicon metal, chemical grade silicon metal, solar-grade polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon rods class IC / water, Any size of silica powder,high purity SiCl4/SiHCl3, germanium dioxide (GeO2), fiber-class tetrachloride Germanium (GeCl4), germanium ingot, germanium crystal, as well as the production of their equipment and technical services.

    Equipment includes: silicon metal smelting equipment 12500KVA submerged arc furnace, solar-grade polysilicon purification furnace, four-probe resistance tester, portable resistance tester, IF vacuum melting furnace silicon metal, polysilicon reduction furnace, SiCl4 distillation, SiHCl3 generation furnace.

    Engineering services includes: Silicon Metal smelting plant engineering design and construction, 12500KVA industrial silicon submerged arc furnace, smelting Purification polysilicon project design and construction, Siemens Solar polysilicon production process engineering design and construction, single-crystal silicon plant design and construction; standard clean room for the design and construction, modernization and plant design and construction of germanium.

    Technology includes: provide a full set of silicon metal smelting technology and equipment; provide a full set of 3N/4N/5N/6N solar polysilicon purification technology and equipment;provide drawn a full set of single crystal silicon plant technology and equipment; provide a full range of physical law or Siemens Solar polysilicon production technology and equipment;provide a full set of Pyro-metallurgical/ Hydrometallurgy materials germanium enrichment technology and equipment,provide a full set of wet germanium material production technology and equipment,provide a full set of germanium single-crystal production technology and equipment; provide silicon plant, germanium plant technology to solve problems that exist programs / approaches advisory.  

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January 1, 2005

We provide you with: high purity germanium dioxide, germanium tetrachloride, zone melting germanium ingot, metallic silicon, polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon and their manufacturing technology
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