Youchan Technology Co., Ltd was founded in February 2016,He is invested by the Beijing youhen silicon and germanium semiconductor material co.,Ltd ,he at the National High-Tech Development Zone in Haidian District, Beijing Information Industry Base, is a semiconductor material in the production and processing-oriented high-tech enterprises, The main products are silicon and germanium products. Silicon-class products, including metallurgical industrial silicon, silicon chemical-industrial, solar grade silicon metal, semiconductor grade silicon metal, while providing Silica fume and wafer. Germanium products including germanium dioxide, germanium tetrachloride, germanium crystal, germanium lens. Silicon and germanium products widely used in modern industry in various fields, is the basis of the electronic information industry, the cornerstone of modern industry.      


    At present, the company has single crystal, cutting, grinding, polishing and testing equipment supporting 12, sets. In processing, and sales of single crystal silicon film more than 30,000, product marketing throughout the country. Company detection equipment, strong technical force, to ensure that the company's products good and stable quality, the customer has won wide acclaim and appreciation.





      Company's technical excellence, the management of non-stop groping repeatedly thump of products in the technology sector, industry, market access to a wide range of praise, the company has won the Innovation Fund for small and medium enterprises in Beijing, the state funds projects such as the Ministry of Information Industry support, has also received the honorary title of high-tech enterprises in Beijing, is the semiconductor unit Association.








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