22/08/2004----The company was founded, Dr. Deng Daren chairman.
01/09/2004----led the company to Zhenglan Banner, Inner Mongolia,ximeng, Wuhai, Ningxia, Qinghai visit Silicon Metal project.
02/12/2004----Company and Shanghai before the Re-Guangji Polycrystalline Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. completed a joint study group of "three-step smelting Law" technology research, access to Yangzhou customers.
10/01/2005----Shanghai Guangji co Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. completed Erdos Group commissioned.
15/01/2005----Ningxia completed the production of ultra-fine silicon nitride ceramic powders cooperation projects.
13/02/2005----assist Shanghai Guangji Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. in Hubei Dawu a "three-step smelting method" production of solar polysilicon industrialization projects.
02/11/2005----with Hong Kong businessmen in Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan area to find high-quality quartz mine.
28/04/2006----company leaders to visit projects in Xinjiang.
10/05/2006----Company and the Shanghai Guangji Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. joint construction of Xinjiang silicon metal plant construction projects.
24/02/2007----Company and the Shanghai Guangji Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. joint pilot Siemens Solar polysilicon production process to be successful.
20/05/2007----the company to improve the "three-step smelting Law" trial is successful, and obtained a patent.
30/05/2007----company leadership in general, Dr. Zou Xuebo chairman.
02/11/2007----Company and South Korea established GU partnership.
04/03/2008----companies with Israel MIRGO signed a 5-year supply agreement germanium crystal.
11/04/2008-----to obtain Beijing's high-tech enterprise certification.
05/06/2009----co Dawu silicon photodiode Industrial Park Co., Ltd. to undertake the Korean businessmen in Ukraine metal silicon plant construction projects.
22/11/2009----with Yangzhou polysilicon solar customers to sign cooperation agreements.
10/01/2010----The company general meeting of shareholders convened in the German Valuable Hotel, has considered the work report which, the financial report general manager raised, adopted in 2009 the work plan.
14/04/2011----The company has adjusted this year production task, simultaneously requests to pay special attention to North Korean, Jiangxi, Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia, the Yunnan customer technical output and the engineering service work with emphasis.
22/05/2012---- companies sent representatives to attend the polysilicon meeting, Xiamen, and made a keynote speech.
02/10/2013-----The company and American CAPUTY Corporation establishes the strategy partner relations, takes its B level supplier and the domestic technology and the information service point.
14/01/2016-----shareholders of the General Assembly held in Debao Hotel, having considered the report on the work proposed, general manager, financial reporting, through the 2010 work plan.
15/03/2017----- fiber raw materials production last year the project assessed by Fujikura communications.
22/02/2018-----The extraordinary general meeting of the company held in Debao Hotel, considered by the general manager of the work plan to invest in the cultural tourism industry.
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