our company is a silicon and germanium semiconductor materials research technology pioneer with a combination of different opinions, with a number of silicon germanium material production technology and long-term improve the experience accumulated, it is my company Guangji United Shanghai Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. Foreign Forwarders industrial silicon smelting project engineering, manufacturing engineering submerged arc furnace, three-step smelting polysilicon plant construction, Siemens Process polysilicon plant construction, the standard clean room for the construction of semiconductor technology and related consulting services. Commitment to engineering services:

1, the construction of high-quality turnkey products. Project funding in the framework of my project for the owners to provide advice, feasibility studies, equipment manufacture and installation of debugging, site formation, civil engineering, mining security, logistics services, project management, such as full service, the owners just 6 months after the acceptance the quality of the project and accept the management of a functioning modern industrial silicon smelting plant.
2, completely independent research and development design, independent manufacturing assembly, a total package, the application of the most advanced technology in the submerged arc furnace smelting system, guarantee product quality and production system performance to achieve world-class level: production reached 22 tons more than the quality of products 80 % for chemical-grade silicon metal, product unit energy consumption of less than 12800kwh / ton, equipment failure rate of less than 2% / year.
3, quality and quantity insurance period completed, the owners do not give Tim any trouble.

Si&Ge production technology services:
1, offers a full range of silicon metal smelting technology and equipment;
2, providing a full set of 3N, 4N, 5N, 6N polysilicon solar purification technology and equipment;
3, provide a full range of silicon technologies and drawn plant equipment;
4, offers a full range of Siemens Solar polysilicon production process technology and equipment;
5, offers a full range of Pyro-metallurgical/ Hydrometallurgy materials germanium enrichment technology and equipment;
6, offers a full range of wet germanium material production technology and equipment;
7, offers a full range of germanium single-crystal production technology and equipment.

Semiconductor Technical Advisory Range:
1, industrial silicon production cost reduction issues;
2, industrial silicon production plant improve technology;
3, the industrial plants to improve the quality of silicon technology;
4, industrial silicon plant energy-saving technologies;
5, industrial silicon factory realize low-cost environmental projects;
6, smelting or physical purification of the various problems they encountered or technical services;
7, the feasibility of polysilicon project investment advice;
8, low-grade raw materials of germanium Ways Enrichment;
9, germanium manufacturing process encounter intractable problem consultation.
10, or single crystal silicon germanium manufacturing process encountered various problems, or a full set of technical services


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